Using Face Mapping to Understand Your Health

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017


Face mapping is a simple way to understand how healthy you are. 



Your skin is an outward reflection of your inner health. Today I will teach you how to look at your skin and your eyes as a way to determine your health.


A lot of people look at outer appearance as a way to determine health. But considering that some people with lots of muscle and low body fat end up dropping dead or having serious health concerns, maybe this isn’t the best way to tell.


Many ancient medical practices first look at the face for signs of disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and ancient Greek medicine all have extensive systems of facial diagnosis. In modern medicine, this also practiced by looking at the eyes.


For example, bulging eyes are a classic symptom of hyperthyroidism, sunken eyes indicate hypothyroidism, pale lips, and conjunctiva around the eyes indicate anemia and bloodshot eyes indicate allergies.


Let’s get down to looking at your own face, start by looking at the overall complexion of your face. Look for any skin abnormalities. Regardless of your skin tone, you want to determine the undertone of your skin, so something that is different that your normal skin color.


If you have darker skin you may want to rely on looking at the whites of your eyes or your palm to find the undertone of your skin.


Having an undertone of red in your skin or eyes can indicate that your heart and cardiovascular system are overworking. Also, broken capillaries can indicate this as well as high blood pressure or that you are prone to heart attacks. Red also indicates inflammation, immune imbalance, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis. All of the above RED issues are gut issues and most times more than not, red tones in the skin are connected to the gut.


Brown is often a sign that the liver and gallbladder are overworking, so if you see brown in the eyes, this is a sign.  Brown could mean excess salt or high cholesterol.


Yellow is a sign that the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder are overworking. When bile isn’t flowing properly it ends up in the blood and we can often see it expressed in the skin. Your skin is fairly translucent and you can see your blood through your skin.


Green is rarely seen but associated with cancer.


Blue and purple are not good! When there are broken capillaries in the face and they start to turn blue or purple that tells you that you are more prone to heart attacks because your cardiovascular system is working harder than ever.


Besides your face, you want to look at the eyes for the same discolorations and also the skin around the eyes. Bags under your eyes can indicate kidney issues, dark circles under your eyes can indicate adrenal fatigue, which means your body is getting really exhausted.


Both your eyes and your gut are mucous membranes and they mirror each other so whatever is going on in the gut, you will be able to identify in your eyes.


When people complain of allergies this is a gut-based issue so we know there is inflammation and other stuff going on and you can these issues expressed through the eyes through conjunctivitis, runny, gunky, or bloodshot eyes, and sometimes you’ll see the conjunctiva get swollen and red.


When you are trying to determine what is going on with someone’s health when looking at their face, you want to:


  1. Start with their eyes, look for a glitter in their eyes, look and perceive their overall spiritual presence.
  2. Scan outward from their eyes and look at the whites, notice any color. Ideally, the whites of their eyes should be bright white without any color. Notice blood vessels. They also shouldn’t be dull, they should sparkle and look relaxed.
  3. Next look under the eyes and notice the overall structure of the face, notice any lines or creases. Lines or creases coming out of the corners of the eyes can indicate vitamin depletion. If this is the issue you then want to focus on absorption.
  4. If there is a crease in the center of the forehead that indicates stress on the liver, and when there is liver stress you tend to have a lot of anger.
  5. Look at the thickness or thinness of the skin. Thick and rough skin indicates a diet high in animal fats.
  6. Look for a firm energetic skin tone without deep creasing. This indicates that the person is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that they eat and their body is absorbing properly in their digestive tract and their body is able to convert and use all these nutrients to keep the body healthy.


The skin should really be clean, clear, blemish-free and in healthy individuals, it has this underlying sun-kissed look to it. There is no pastiness, no ashiness, or mottled appearance. This glow is from the clean blood that is coursing through the veins. When the blood is filled with toxins, macrophages, or white blood cells, the number of macrophages and white blood cells increase to devour the excess cellular debris. This is what creates that ashy complexion. The largest quantity of these toxins are created inside the body of an unhealthy person.


You have 2-3 lbs of bacteria living inside your body. There are many different ways that the body can end up with the wrong bacteria in it. The wrong bacteria and yeasts that are growing inside the gut, they start excreting toxins as they digest foods that you are eating. As those toxins get absorbed directly into your bloodstream, your body becomes a human sewer for the bacterial metropolis that is growing in your gut.


Acne and other skin blemishes indicate that the channels of elimination are now clogged.


If your blood is full of these toxins, the macrophages and white blood cells are running through your system and things are clogged and gunky. You can see that through the skin. You can tell healthy people just by looking at them and seeing how their skin glows and how their eyes sparkle.


The skin is the largest of the seven channels of elimination. I call it the last resort channel. There is also blood, liver lymph, lung, colon, and kidneys. All of these other six channels are part of this big connected system and when they are overworked, they start dumping toxins into the skin.


Notice on the rest of the body any skin abnormalities such as rashes, hives, psoriasis, eczema, or any other inconsistencies to see if your other channels of elimination are clogged.
Based on the information I have given you, I want you to look in the mirror, get a pen and paper, and take a moment as if someone else is looking at you. Try to see yourself through a fresh set of eyes.  What is your face saying? What do your eyes reveal? What does your skin reveal? Take notes on what you see on your face.



Summer Bock