The Safest Beauty Products for Your Skin

Monday, May 15th, 2017

What kinds of beauty products do you put on your skin? Have you taken the time to make sure they are clean and safe?

Whether you have skin issues or just want to age beautifully, this is one area that needs some attention. I’ve seen the insides of many makeup bags, medicine cabinets (guilty!), and showers and know what kinds of products people are using. Some of the healthiest eaters are still using some of the most chemical-laden products. This is super harmful for us and all the microorganisms living on us!

Here are some of the stats: Europe has spent the last decade banning nearly 1,400 chemicals from personal care products, Health Canada 600 and in the United States, banned a mere 12. US cosmetics safety laws haven’t been significantly updated since 1938, meanwhile the science has evolved to show that some of the ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry have been linked to harmful health outcomes.

In today’s videos you’ll discover my most favorite beauty products (straight out of my bathroom – proof that I use them myself). Best of all, you will be able to grab these in the Better Beauty Products Buying Guide that I have created with links for your ease.

Watch these videos to hear more about each individual product:

The Safest Beauty Products for Your Skin

The Safest Body Care Products for Your Skin

Something that hardly anyone is talking about is all the bacteria that live on your skin. They help protect you and make up a vital part of your immune function creating a barrier on the outside of the skin that maintains a pH that keeps pathogens from growing on you.

Your skin plays such an important role in your overall health and what you put on your skin affects all sorts of things including the organisms inside your body and on your body.

So many skin products are filled with toxins and when you put that on your skin, it gets absorbed and then it gets into your bloodstream and your liver has to process, which gives it unnecessary work to do all the while adding carcinogenic compounds into your body.

There are products on the market that contain ingredients that should never be put on your skin. When it comes to skincare and makeup I think this is a really important topic because there are some products that woman love and use that have toxins in them but they use them because they see the results.

This is why I believe that it would benefit you for me to share some of my favorite better beauty products with you today.

You can access the Better Beauty Products Buying Guide right here so you can see what my recommendations are and where you can get them easily.