Sandor Katz Interview

Hi, I’m Summer Bock

I normally only share videos with the people in my Fermentationist Certification Program, but I received some incredible news I wanted to share. [insert trumpet sound here]

I’m excited (and humbled) to announce that Sandor Katz will be teaching with us this year!!! Sandor Katz is the author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, two core books used in our program. Sandor Katz is phenomenal storyteller who conveys information and teachings through engaging and inspiring stories that are often hilarious!

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In the meantime, check out this great video interview with Sandor Katz and me, Summer Bock, the founder of one of the coolest fermentation programs in the US and co-founder of OlyKraut.

Video Highlights

  • Sandor shares his thoughts on fermented foods curing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • He describes what foods are vital for our survival (you can’t miss this one)
  • Reveals what he eats to keep his belly happy. It might not be what you expect.
  • Talks about the one common denominator that makes people identify with a particular food!
  • Explains how Fermentationists are actually the new breed of nutrition awesome and how you can’t put them in a box!
  • How certain fermented foods can actually cause cancer if eaten the wrong way
  • And offers his take on how many fermented foods businesses is too many in one tiny town (I was surprised by his answer!)