Making Fermented Veggies Workshop

The class that I could teach in my sleep while standing on my head. The class that has a thousand and nine people saying, “Wow!”

Now this workshop is available to you virtually. For the past many years you would have to come see me live and in-person to get access to this information. Not anymore…


I absolutely love teaching!!! And I especially love teaching this workshop (I’ve taught it for years and years)!

My favorite part is that I teach you the science of sauerkraut AND do a demo so you can confidently make safe, edible kraut that is super delicious!

Pretty cool, right? Don’t you want to learn which probiotics make sauerkraut so special?

When you join me for this class, you can learn to make your own probiotics at home:

  • Virtual Fermented Veggie Workshop

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Making Fermented Veggies 

In this exclusive virtual workshop, I will teach you how to make delicious raw sauerkraut that is filled with probiotics. These beneficial bacteria are known to support your digestion, end constipation, decrease sugar cravings, and boost your vitality. You will learn my secrets and tricks of the trade for how I created the most amazing, award winning recipes at my gourmet sauerkraut company. You will get access to recipes and instructional handouts. This is a GA/PS and food allergy-friendly event.

There are 3 parts to this workshop –

1A white-board lecture that you can listen to yand watch.

2A video demonstration where I show you exactly HOW I make delicious sauerkraut!

3A bonus video talking about mold and showing you how to make sauerkraut safely.

You will learn: 

?The science behind the sauerkraut – which probiotics are helping you get healthy!

?The exact steps to make sauerkraut come out crunchy and safe every time.

?How to avoid mold and other contaminants.

?The health benefits of this amazing ferment.

?How to save money by making this probiotic rich food at home.

You will receive access to the 3 videos: 

1The science behind sauerkraut

2How-to make fermented veggies at home

3Avoiding Modly Sauerkraut and Other Ferment Fails

You will also receive:

?Access to download the videos.

?Downloadable handouts with recipes and step-by-step instructions – including insider tricks of the trade.

  • Virtual Fermented Veggie Workshop

For Only

$28  FREE

you can register for this virtual 3-part workshop.

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This is what past participants have said about the workshop:

“What a great class! Engaging, informative, fun, ad eminently applicable. I’m walking away with tons of knowledge, excited to put it to use. Summer knew her stuff, kept the class moving, and got us all excited about the benefits of fermentation. Highly recommend! (Also: well done keeping the mouthy lady in the front row in check! Much appreciated)” – Angela, Portland

“Awesome workshop! I will sign up for a future workshop and bring my partner or as a gift for someone. Summer is a great speaker and made this a fun group experience. I’m totally going to try and make some kraut and experiment with some funky combos of herbs and spices!” – Graham, Portland

“I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived and was very pleased with the class. Summer was very pleasant, entertaining, and informative! I really enjoyed the class and learning from her.” – Jennifer, Portland

“I honestly had no idea making sauerkraut was so simple. I feel very inspired and pumped up to try and make it myself. Thanks for the great basic start-up knowledge. You make it less intimidating.” – Laura, Portland

Check out what more participants have had to say about the Making Fermented Veggies Class:

“This was an incredible workshop – packed with new information at a good clip with an incredible sense of humor and down to earth spirit. Summer is an inspiration for all to get in touch with ourselves to let our bodies help heal us. Her personal anecdotes and lively presentation made fermentation the process and product very exciting! I can’t wait to start!” – Britta, Portland

“Learning to make kraut with Summer was simple, informative, and delicious. She brings her years of experience and explains fermentation in a way that is easy to understand.” – Sarah Utter, Olympia

“My gut has struggled with constipation, so probiotics have become a way of life for me. But the natural fermented food still need to be daily food for me. These are new habits I must incorporate in my life.” – Linda, Federal Way

“LOVED the science behind it all. Seeing the process start to finish was priceless – especially since we’ve tried and failed in the past.” – Dina McBride, Portland

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  • Virtual Fermented Veggie Workshop

For Only

$28 FREE

you get all the videos and handouts.

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Making Fermented Veggies Video Series

In this three part video series, I will teach you how to make delicious raw sauerkraut that is filled with probiotics.

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