Make a Plan to Heal Your Gut

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Today you’re going to learn how to make a plan to rebuild your gut.

I want to show you how to make strides in rebuilding your bioterrain so it is a healthy environment where probiotics can grow with very little effort on your part.

What most people don’t understand is that you can take probiotics but if your gut is a barren wasteland due to years of stress, antibiotics, and the wrong food, there is nothing for those bacteria to grow in.

Introducing probiotics is like throwing seeds on sand hoping they’ll grow into trees, but they won’t until you rebuild the soil and create the right environment for them to thrive.

In 2014, Americans spent $3.8 trillion on medical care. That is $12,000 per person on average. That number doesn’t including healthy people like my boyfriend and me who are spending significantly less than this. There are some who are spending way more. I don’t want that to be you. I don’t want you to spend money on chronic, preventable, and unnecessary diseases.

Americans also spend $28 billion on over-the-counter supplements. What are you budgeting for? Are you just relieving root symptoms or getting to the root cause?

My dad spent years of his life going to the doctor and taking medications that were just treating the symptoms of his diabetes. When he got to the root by rebuilding his gut, his symptoms lessened and he slashed his medication in half.

I was so relieved! Part of why I started doing this work was my dad. I couldn’t stand the idea of him having his feet amputated or losing his eyesight to a disease that wouldn’t even exist if people knew how to eat in a way that supported the gut. The same goes for asthma, digestive diseases, allergies, obesity, autoimmune disorders, and in some cases, depression. I don’t want you or anyone else to be losing precious years off of your life.

So how did we get into this mess in the first place? There are three main causes of gut imbalance:

Nutrient lacking foods

There’s a lot of conflicting information and a lack of education for how to take care of your body. It doesn’t need to be so complicated.

I wake up every day and I look at my skin. I make sure I’m digesting my food. I constantly rework my schedule so I have time for exercise, time with my sweetie, for work, and for play. I go through my home and purge on a regular basis. My word for the year was “organize” and I’ve applied that to my kitchen, my meals, my community, and my computer. I continually practice communication to get more clear with who I am and what I’m up to with my clients, friends, community, and family. I have people to help me in rough times, as well as celebratory times.

I’m grateful for the amazing support in my life, my assistant, and my friends. I run my business and I love the work I do. I am dedicated to creating programs and products that make a difference in people’s lives and I’m trying to reach as many people as possible with this information that has saved my life. Why? Because I don’t take it for granted. I used to be so sick!

Up until ten years ago, I was totally uncomfortable in my own skin. I was undernourished. I was so tired that I couldn’t exercise. I was allergic to everything from chemicals to food and pollen. I got migraines from perfume. My eyes were always watering and my skin was constantly breaking out in rashes. I thought I was going to have to be the boy in the bubble!

I used to cry at night because I couldn’t afford that cleanse or program or product that would make me be able to heal myself so I could stop suffering. I didn’t realize at the time that I was suffering from gut based issues, and that it would take me figuring out how to get my entire life right to heal.

I couldn’t heal when I was in a relationship that was making me crazy. I couldn’t heal when I thought my family had given up on me. I couldn’t heal if I wasn’t handling my money well. I couldn’t heal when I was unhappy. I couldn’t heal when I was stressed to the max or when I wasn’t being my authentic self. I couldn’t heal if I was going to continue to make poor decisions.

Making A Plan For Healing

Here’s my blueprint for how I got to where I am today. Gut Rebuilding healed my body but the mental work I did beforehand make it possible for me to create realistic goals and make a plan of action to achieve them.

This is the formula I have used the entire time while doing all the steps of Gut Rebuilding repeatedly while healing my body.

#1 Assess your current state of health
#2 Determine where you want to go
#3 Understand your requirements
#4 Decide
#5 Commit

Let’s break this down.

#1 Assess your current state of health

Are you struggling with gut-based issues? Write a list of all the health concerns that you’re struggling with. Think about all the herbs, supplements, and medications you’re taking and write them down.

When you wake up in the morning do you have pain, is your neck stiff, do you have cold sores, pesky pounds, activities that you can’t participate in, are you emotional? Do you have bumps on your skin you’d like to see go away?

#2 Determine where you want to go

I was so relieved when I got my blood work back recently. It’s in better shape than ever. I’ve helped people reduce or eliminate medication, acne, and lose weight effortlessly. Gut Rebuilding is not a weight loss program but because bacteria is so integral to metabolism, people find it easier to get to their ideal weight. People get their libido and energy back while getting rid of indigestion, constipation, acid reflux, and heartburn. They wean off anxiety, sleep, and depression medication, kill Candida and stop panic attacks.

All of this happens by learning how to take care of your body and become your own “sustainable farmer” for probiotics–meaning that your body produces them on its own. This is how you get your gut relaxed enough to take over and heal. We focus on this in the Gut Rebuilding Program.

One of the best parts of the program is that you get to ask questions. There really are two kinds of questions—logistical or strategic. “How much of this should l eat each day?” or “What’s a good herb for Candida?” are logistical questions. Most of these questions can get answered by the Facebook group.

Strategic questions are when you’re asking about an obstacle such as “I know what I’m supposed to do but I’m not doing it and I don’t know why.” Or, “My husband doesn’t want to eat this food and now we’re eating separately.” I help you work through these answers on the live Gut Rebuilding video-streaming calls.

It’s also important to ask what are the goals for your body? Getting a six pack? Being stronger?

Drop into this future version of yourself. What is possible now? What are you going to do with your life when your days and your time is freed up from having to focus on the low moments with fatigue and extra weight? What will having your ideal body do for you?

This is your internal compass. You’ll have to change your mindset and habits, but you only have to change if you want to.

#3 Understanding your requirements

In every program, some succeed and some fail. I’m constantly refining my program to make success inevitable. I understand that all humans have the same basic needs. To love, to belong, and safety. If you start a new program and stop all the habits, you’ve lost your common bond with your friends. Maybe you already feel like you don’t belong because you have to pack your own food. Or you have terrible digestive issues after you eat and you want to be alone.

Maybe you’re sick of feeling like you’re high maintenance.

If you struggle with food you’re about to discover an amazing community where instead of people suggesting that it’s all in your head, you’re validated in your struggle and given hope that there’s something you can do about it.

The other requirements for healing require education and finding a mentor who can track your progress. You need to learn not only about food and herbs but also how to be in a state of rest and restore. Since stress is one of the biggest factors causing disease you need to unlearn stress. In Gut Rebuilding, you create a self-care master plan so you can rule your life instead of having your life rule you.

Mentorship is an important part of your journey. It’s too hard to see yourself objectively. You want to work with a mentor you trust. Someone who’s been there and worked with people who have the same issues as you.

#4 To decide.

Make a decision about your health. For me, that moment was standing on the corner with the pollen gusting through the air making my eyes run. Right then and there I had an epiphany that this is my world, so I should not be allergic to it. I decided I’m going to do whatever it takes to heal my allergies.

Your decision is an affirmation. “I will do whatever it takes to heal my body.” It’s okay if you don’t fully believe it yet. You will over time. If you mess up, that’s fine. Just start over. You need to make your affirmation a clear sentence that you can repeat over and over. It also needs to be broad enough to encompass the little decisions you need to make each day.

#5 Commit

Do you have commitment issues? Part of making a decision is changing your underlying beliefs. When you make a strong decision like the ones I mentioned so far, you’re committing. By participating in a program that’s structured around your success, you’re committing. By making a declaration to a community of people who will love and support you, you’re committing. This blueprint only works if you commit to being 100% responsible for your health. Every bite of food is your destiny. You have a few options. One option is to commit to your health. Follow along with the Gut Rebuilding Program where I’ve done all the work for you. You just have to show up, do the action step each week, and join us for the video call.

These five steps are the blueprint for healing from digestive and other gut based issues. If you’re ready to put them into action, the Gut Rebuilding Program offers a guided journey back to health. Learn how hundreds of others have healed here.