Are you tired of giving people probiotics and recommending gluten-free as the sole ways of trying to help your clients heal their digestive disorders – so that they heal somewhat, but never all the way?

Aren’t you tired of giving people probiotics and recommending gluten-free as the sole ways of trying to help them heal their digestive disorders. Then they come back in and they are only halfway healed, but not all the way.

Here’s what you don’t know…but could make all the difference in your practice.

Building the right ecology in the human body is essential to not getting sick and increasing vitality.

This video series is a must for practitioners who work with clients and patients who have digestive issues, food allergies, chronic sinus conditions, Candida, sugar cravings, low energy, a poor-functioning immune system, or any other gut-related condition (or have it yourself!) A must-see for MDs, NDs, massage therapists, health coaches, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and anyone working to help their clients fully heal.

I have created a 5-part video series that teaches you the components of a thriving intestinal ecology, an herbal medicine demonstration, a tutorial on making lacto-fermented vegetables, and a chance to learn a little more about me and my work as a fermentationist!

There are thousands of nutritionists, NDs, and health coaches out there who teach digestion and healthy foods as the foundation of health, but don’t know enough about gut ecology to get their clients to stay healthy in the long run. I want you to be sure you can offer the help and healing you promise!

There is no one else out there teaching the intersection between gut ecology and fermented foods and how to use them properly. People have no idea that certain fermented foods exacerbate some health conditions.

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PS – Wouldn’t it be amazing if your referrals doubled overnight because everyone was talking about how much better they felt after working with you? Watch this video series to see what is possible for your practice.