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Help Every Client in Your Practice Heal
Their Health Issues for Good.


Your client walks into your office complaining of bloat, indigestion and fatigue.

As they settle in they proceed to tell you about everything they’ve tried: from allergy clearing to detoxes, all the other practitioners they’ve seen and they STILL don’t feel healthy.

You take one look at them and you know exactly what to do.

You start teaching them a step by step approach to alkalinizing their body and including more fermented foods in their diet. You show them fast and simple ways to prepare these healing foods at home with their families. Within 3 months their issues are on the run, they’re feeling amazing, and they’re telling all their friends you’re a superhero because you were able to help them where NOBODY else was able to.

Let’s make this happen in your practice.

Despite the fact that these healing foods are centuries old, the big wellness and health coaching problems are silent when it comes to fermentation and gut ecology. You can’t learn this in school. I learned it through years of higher education, personal experience, and perfected it through years of working with clients. I’m now making this powerful healing knowledge available to you.

Introducing: The
Fermentationist Certification Program!

This 10-month life changing training is open to nutrition nerds who want to distinguish themselves as being at the top of their field, with a track record to prove it. It’s for those on the path to becoming a healer and have visions of nothing less than changing the world. This is a sharing and supportive community under the guidance of a supportive mentor.

The wellness community has never before seen a consolidation of knowledge and experience like this one.

After years of experience with fermentation and digestive healing, I’ve created what is much more than a training program: It’s a healing movement. I’m offering you the opportunity to become a charter member of the only community of certified Fermentationists.

Don’t settle for halfway healing. A thriving gut ecology is the foundation of health. In order to heal all other health concerns and maintain vibrant health you MUST start here.

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“It is the nature of things to heal themselves. We rely upon the healing wisdom, vital energies, and intelligence of the organism to restore normal and healthy function.” -Jared L. Zeff, ND, LAc

As gut imbalance rises to epic proportions amidst our modern lifestyle, the need for knowledgeable practitioners becomes desperate. When your clients start seeing IBS, skin issues, and sinus trouble go away like I’ve seen — who do you think they’ll be talking to about it? My practice has grown in leaps and bounds as healthy and ecstatic clients have gone on to tell all their friends and family how amazing they finally feel. Yours will too.

As a fermentationist you will help people adopt traditional fermented foods back into their diet, reconnect with their roots, and integrate time-honored healing techniques to cure these modern ailments.

You will use the theory of biological terrain to approach healing. This means that instead of trying to kill off the offending organism, you will use traditional and modern methods to bolster the strength of the native bacterial communities to fight off disease while consistently rebuilding and replenishing mineral and vitamin reserves so that the body itself can grow continually stronger.

As a fermentationist you will heal your own body first by balancing your gut flora with expert guidance. You create a greater impact when you have experienced the success yourself. Once you understand *experientially, not mentally* the symbiotic relationships within your own body, you gain the key component to creating harmony within societies, communities, politically, and environmentally. It starts with you.

Beginning in my late teens I was really struggling. I had turned to food and drugs to numb out from all the big emotions I was dealing with. After years of doing this it took a huge toll on my liver.

It was when I started having panic attacks that I know something was really wrong. The allergy season kept extending. I became chemically sensitive. I couldn’t walk down the laundry detergent aisle at the grocery store without getting a migraine headache. I could only eat 20-30 foods. I had chronic sinus infections. I was getting colds after cold. My digestion was not functioning properly. My energy levels were so low that I felt I had to sleep all the time. I did not have enough energy to sustain myself throughout the day.

I was called high maintenance because of how complex my health conditions were.

I tried a lot of different things, I went to naturopaths, doctors, chiropractors, NAET clearing, acupuncture, herbalist, and others. After years of marginal improvement, I sat down in front of my doctor and she looked at me and said, “Summer I can’t help you. You know more about this than I do.

Realizing that the majority of my issues all stemmed from my gut health, I tuned fully into my own body and began to create the 8 Principles of Gut Rebuilding. I took these concepts into my practice and my clients’ improvements were amazing. We were seeing results like we’d never seen before.

Here I am years later, happy and healthy. I’ve developed two amazing businesses from nearly nothing, which now fully support me financially. I’ve helped people in different parts of the world to heal from their health issues. Now I’ve taken all of this experience and knowledge and created something you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

In This Program You Will Discover The
8 Principles of Gut Rebuilding to Heal Your Body
For Good.

To balance the gut ecology these are the required steps. YOU will:

  1. Learn the Anatomy & Physiology of Digestion. This is the first step to getting your organs functioning highly so they can do what they do best naturally – the Proper Assimilation of Food.
  2. Get trained in full body pH testing. Since the proper gut ecology is sensitive to how acidic or alkaline the environment is, it’s important to have some level of diagnostics to track your health and help orient your clients in making good progress.
  3. Learn the real deal when it comes to Probiotics. Since probiotic supplements and going gluten-free are the main ways that run-of-the-mill practitioners take a stab in the dark at digestive disorders, you differentiate yourself by understanding the impact that probiotic food sources and probiotic supplements have on the individual. You’ll learn what kinds, how much, native gut ecology, & which health concerns require food sources and which require supplemental probiotics.
  4. Gain competency in the Fundamentals of Food Guidelines such as food combining and intuitive eating. By creating your personal food guidelines you discover your superpower foods and eliminate your energy-sucking kryptonite foods.
  5. Master 15 Herbal Remedies that fuel digestive fire, heal mucous membranes, kill Candida, feed probiotics, & heal adrenal glands. Awesome, right? There’s more. You will learn how to make salves, tinctures, and other herbal delivery systems to expand your practice and become confident in your supportive healing modalities.
  6. Practice and understand Emotional Detox. For most people this is a completely underrepresented step in the process of healing. Here, you will learn techniques, practices, and the physiological reactions that accompany emotional detox. This makes you a stronger practitioner by understanding the natural release of the emotional tension that causes physical blockages and ultimately chronic digestive disease.
  7. Create your own Self-Care Master Plan. This unique and effective (aka genius!) system for eliminating stress and promoting relaxation will help you have integrity with your time so you can reach your dreams.
  8. Learn the behind-the-scenes of Cleansing & Detoxification (Finally a chance to not just copy everyone else in your detox!) Get proper training in cleansing and detox. Learn the right ways to flush toxins so that native flora have a place to call home.

Ask yourself…

  • Am I ready for my community to start looking to me as the expert I can be and have them start approaching me for speaking gigs, classes, and consults?
  • Do I want to create my own fermentation station where I produce gourmet ferments that both taste delicious AND have the power to heal myself, my family, friends, and clients?
  • Do I love geeking-out on super healthy foods and healing treatments that leave me feeling invincible? (Which makes you a nutrition nerd like Summer!)
  • Do I want to know exactly how to guide my clients through their digestive complaints with assurance that they will get the results I promise and not leave them disappointed and frustrated with halfway healing?
  • Do I want to be surrounded by a group of healers whose magic and personal power is exceptionally high?
  • Do I want to boost my energy, heal my gut, & take my health to the next level? (YES!)

What’s Included in the Certification Program


11 Training Modules

Get the foundation you need to make a lasting difference in the lives of those around you and grow your business. The path to certification as a Fermentationist includes trainings on each of the 8 Principles of Gut Rebuilding.

11 Fermented Food How-To Videos

I demonstrate how to make and prepare the most important fermented foods for you to include in your repertoire. You will get recipes, handouts, fermentation tracking log, and all the resources you need to use fermented foods as medicine.



4 Monthly Live Q&A Group Calls with Summer

Being together allows us to mirror and learn from each other. The support you will get from hearing others’ questions and bravely sharing your own struggles will help you grow in your life and in your business.

Group Online Forum

Share and get support from each other 24 hours a day. Post pictures of your ferments, questions, recipes, or pictures of your dog, it’s all there.

Insider Resources

Contacts for fermentation starters, fermented foods, the highest quality herbs, pH strips, and cleansing supplies.


This program includes full support to track your progress, provide regular feedback, and keep you on track towards certification – we treat this like a higher learning experience, not like the rest of the online programs where you can get lost in the virtual shuffle.

Register Now and You’ll Also Receive
These Awesome Bonuses!

Apprenticeship Opportunity at OlyKraut – OlyKraut is my gourmet sauerkraut company that I started with basically no money and have subsequently supported the growth of the local food system. If you are interested in starting your own fermented foods company, you can apprentice at OlyKraut anytime during the program for hands-on support in seeing what it takes to make it in the food processing industry.

Coupons to all of Summer’s Programs this Year – Whether you want to jump on the Nutrition Geek Detox, or get support in the Gut Rebuilding 8-Week Program, I’ve got you covered. Need more private mentorship? You can get access to VIP days and one-off private coaching sessions (this is available to no one else in my business [feel special here]).

The Official Gut Rebuilding Handbook – Principle 1 …the first chapter of the gut rebuilding info that will change your life.

Bonus Classes:

  • How to Get Your Family & Friends On Board With Your Food Allergies, Organic, Raw, or Other Special Healing Diets So That They Will OFFER To Cook For YOU!
  • How to Set Up A Fermentation Station in Your Own Home – Without Stinking Up the Whole House
  • Making Herbal Medicine Workshop

Bonus Virtual Intensive:

  • How I Started My Own Local Sustainable Sauerkraut Company With Only $21 and Turned It Into a 6-Figure Empire Within 3 Years!!!

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Here’s a quick recap of what you’re receiving:

  • 11 Training Modules
  • 4 Monthly Live Q&A Group Calls with Summer
  • Group Online Forum
  • Insider Resources & Contacts for fermentation starters, fermented foods, the highest quality herbs, pH strips, and cleansing supplies
  • Textbook Lists & Syllabus

Including these awesome Bonuses:

  • Coupons to all Summer’s Programs this Year
  • The Official Gut Rebuilding Handbook – Chapter 1
  • Your Very Own Starters, Personal-Sized Crocks, Miso starter, Kombucha SCOBY, Sauerkraut & Kimchi Samples, and Kefir Grains – Mailed to your door

Bonus Classes:

  • How to Get Your Family & Friends On Board With Your Food Allergies, Organic, Raw, or Other Special Healing Diets So They OFFER To Cook For YOU!
  • How to Set Up A Fermentation Station in Your Own Home – Without Stinking Up the Whole House
  • Making Herbal Medicine Workshop

Bonus Virtual Intensive:

  • How I Started My Own Local Sustainable Sauerkraut Company With Only $21 and Turned It Into a 6-Figure Empire Within 3 Years!!!

This Program is For…

Wellness Practitioners:

Doctors, PAs, NDs, MDs, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, TCM, Acupuncturists, et cetera.

This program is specifically designed with the wellness or medical practitioner in mind. You will learn how to apply these concepts to yourself first and then your clients’ to achieve the optimal results you can give them with this program. If you are a healer who really wants to be the expert in your field, what better topic that the up and coming subject Fermentation and Gut Ecology.

Although this course is designed for practitioners it could also be just the right thing for:

Those Sick of Being Sick:

Do you struggle with any of these health concerns? Allergies (food or environmental), skin problems, chronic sinus issues, digestive disorders, Candida, low energy, foggy thinking. If you have tried everything from doctors to acupuncture from allergy clearing to self-healing. You feel pretty hopeless that there is any chance you can get over your health concerns. This gut-oriented healing program will change your life. You will learn all the necessary steps to create, harness, and maintain a balanced gut ecology. As you practice the 8 Principles of Gut Rebuilding, you will boost your pH, energy levels, brainpower, and wellness quotient.

Nutrition Geeks:

Are you one of those people who makes your own raw chocolate with maca, knows how to find the best food around no matter where you are, and has no desire to eat processed foods?  Well, like attracts like. I’m that, too. So let’s get together and I’ll show you how to take it to the next level with fermentation, herbal medicine, and creating concoctions that will make your mouth drool and your foodie heart skip a beat!

“I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.” -Louis Pasteur

If you’ve read this far, you have seen the path for stepping up as the healer you’ve always wanted to be. You could become one the first of the Fermentationists.

Do You Have a Gut Feeling that This
Might be Perfect for You? If So,
Follow Your Instinct. Trust Your Gut.


Do you have a gut feeling, but need help deciding? I’ll be straight up with you. It’s got to be a good fit for the both of us, so let’s get together and get that clarity.

Join me at the live webinar!

We’ll respond to your priority list request promptly through email.

Summer Bock

PS – Take a moment. Bring your awareness to your belly. What do you feel?! Do you sense the twinge or fluttering of your intuition that this could be the very thing you need? If you sense that there is something here for you, sign up to talk with me. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a Fermentationist.


I wanted TIME TESTED ways to do something.

“I signed up for this program because I prefer TIME TESTED modalities of healing. I learn best by being told the details of why things work. I’m not likely to do something if someone is telling me what to do without explaining it. Summer is great at sharing the scientific reasons why, which gets me motivated to share this work with my clients. Her wit, energy, and devotion to this teaching is thorough! Summer helps me feel like I’m a part of the group (that I do offer something and need to keep showing up). IF you have internet there is a lot of support and more to the program than simply learning ferments, which is GREAT!”

— Nicole Wirth, Massage Therapist (Cupping), Lakewood, WA

I would recommend Summer hands down as a passionate trailblazer in this arena.

“In the end I signed up because I could sense a level integrity and passion from Summer that I want to be around. From a couple of conversations with her, as well as her past students I came to a place of trust that I was/am in the right place at the right time with it all. I think Summer’s teaching style is sincere and fairly dynamic. She loves what she teaches and it shows. She listens with heart/shen and that is hard to find that in a teacher. I can for sure say that I would recommend Summer hands down as a passionate trailblazer in this arena in anyone who asks.”

— Tiffany Pollard LAC, Acupuncturist, Owner/creator of Synergy Wellness Center, Ojai, CA

I am a visual and auditory learner and I enjoy being able to experience “you” and listen to your knowledge in person.”

“I am a visual and auditory learner and I enjoy being able to experience “you” and listen to your knowledge in person. Thanks of making kraut without listing to tips and tricks would make me nervous to try to making it. However with this class I am more apt to trying at home. I hadn’t eaten kraut except with a hot dog perhaps very few years. Now since your class in January I have made sure I don’t run out of Olykraut. I love it!”

— Donna Johnson, Accountant, Seattle, WA

She’s approachable, easy to learn from and always prepared.

“As always Summer balances science, practicals and wit to convey helpful information. She’s approachable, easy to learn from and always prepared.”

— Sarah Ann Swain, Student, Seattle, WA


Summer’s Fermentation Certification Program is an IMPERATIVE
for any health professional or Nutrition Geek.
“Is your belly health gutting your energy? Then I want to tell you about my friend and colleague Summer Bock! She’s a herbalist, certified health counselor and “nutrition nerd” who is the best I know at helping people heal their gut. Really. Summer’s depth of knowledge, humor and ability to breakdown the technical stuff is inspiring. And here’s the best part: She’s created a Fermentationist Certification Program to help practitioners and other nutrition and health geeks learn how to help others!

Becoming certified as a Fermentationist is the perfect route for practitioners who want to get REAL results helping clients with digestive disorders.

Imbalances in the Gut are the root cause of many people’s illnesses today. Whether it is energy levels, digestive troubles, skin problems, low immunity, or allergies…it all starts in the intestines. When you can help someone heal from this, you deliver on your promise to your clients.

This is why Summer’s Fermentation Certification Program is an IMPERATIVE for any health professional or Nutrition Geek. The year long program focuses on helping you achieve these results first and then helping your clients make lasting, meaningful strides in their health.”

— Alex Jamieson, CHHC

Author of The Great American Detox Diet, Vegan Cooking for Dummies,
and Living Vegan for Dummies, Health Coach in Super Size Me


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