How to make my award-winning sauerkraut (and why a homemade batch is way more healthy)

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Your average bottle of good probiotics costs about $30 for a month’s supply.

Your average batch of homemade sauerkraut contains a small organic cabbage, which costs about $6, plus some sea salt, which might run ya $2.00 for a huge box.

That batch of kraut will probably cost $6.17. And it will be waaaay more powerful, probiotically speaking.

Dr. Mercola did a test where he had his homemade sauerkraut tested for its probiotic content. He found that 16 oz. of his kraut had the equivalent of 8 bottles of probiotics pills! What an incredible testament to the power of live foods.

At 8x the potency, that means that $6.12 worth of kraut can save you $240.00. And be a more effective way to get probiotics in your body—fast. Doing what they do to keep you healthy.

Just like Bob Ross painted happy little trees, you could start painting happy little probiotics.

(I just painted one. It’s too small for you to see.)

Sauerkraut is one of the easiest, most healthy things you can make. It takes 10 minutes.

Watch this video and learn how to:

  • How to make kraut safely
  • Why kraut is a natural antibiotic
  • What I wish every restaurant would make
  • The biggest difference between store bought kraut and supplements
  • Should you add water to your kraut
  • How to keep your kraut from molding
  • How often to eat kraut

If you are just taking probiotic pills, you are only getting a fraction of all the benefits. Or the deliciousness!

Watch the video to learn why my kraut tastes so good—Good Food Award winning good.

I want to know: What’s your favorite thing to add to sauerkraut for extra yumminess.