What’s Lurking in your Cabinets? with Lara Adler

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

What’s lurking in your cabinets? Only you can tell. (Or can you? Those companies work hard to hide things.)


This week I want you to come with me on a tour of my new house as my friend and colleague Lara Adler, environmental toxins expert (and self-proclaimed super nerd) give you a different kind of house tour.


I know a lot about toxins and the impact they have on the body and the environment, and I knew that dryer sheets rank high up there on the ick-factor. But I also love to rub my face in soft towels. A lot.


I have to say that getting the facts about dryer sheets from Lara blew my mind. But my girl wouldn’t just leave me hanging with crunchy towels. . . she’s got solutions for everything.


We also answer the question that we get a lot during this conversation about toxic chemicals: “If these things are really so bad, why isn’t everyone in the hospital right now?”


The truth is that there are simpler, healthier, and less expensive ways to clean your house, your clothes, and your body. They still smell purdy and they work just as well! But more importantly than price or a lovely aroma, I want you to understand the impact toxins have on your short term and long term health. (You’ll see me sneeze several times just from going through the cabinets!)


Your house is your sanctuary—check out the video for valuable lessons about products that could be keeping you sick. (Oh, and false marketing, anyone? We hit that point, too)


After the toxins tour with Lara, I cleared out the worst of the offenders. I have to say it’s helped me feel remarkably more peaceful! She’s got more where that came from. Check out http://bit.ly/1ygGmly for more tips about environmental toxins. This woman knows her sh*t!

I went and researched the sites she recommended and these are the best products I found to start replacing the chemicals.

These awesome products are easily accessible from Amazon: Simple Green Naturals Floor Cleaner, Eco-Me Natural Sudsing Liquid Dish Soap, Seventh Generation Auto Dish Pacs, Seventh Generation Fabric Softener, & Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Also, here is an amazing chemical-free product Lara recommended offline by Vital Image: Face & Body Wash.


Cleansing has two parts—reducing external toxins AND getting rid of what’s already accumulated inside your body. If you want more information on how to cleanse to get bountiful energy, sign up for my livetream here: www.probioticpowercleanse.com Livestream


Okay, now your turn! I would love to hear what’s in your cabinets. Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for watching and sharing this with people you care about!