Guts & Glory #9 Are your comfort foods making you uncomfortable? with Tom Malterre

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Give me my grilled cheese sandwich or give me death!

Sound dramatic? Or perhaps you can relate just a little too much…

For a lot of people, this IS the reality they’re looking at. They’re dealing with the kind of fatigue where you don’t have the will to get off the couch. Yeah, they’re still breathing, but can you really call this living?

For other people, the food they’re eating is literally going to be the death of them—after years of foods that leave them malnourished with a weakened immune system, life-threatening diseases can set in.

There’s a way to understand what foods are good for you and which ones zap you, but be warned: it’s a controversial method. It causes grown men and women to kick and scream. But it’s free and ties into a bigger picture that has more to do than just the food you eat.

Eating the wrong foods causes a host of unexplained symptoms like brain fog, painful joint issues, depression, migraines, erratic BMs, chronic sinus infections, skin disorders, stomach upsets, and more.

These health problems aren’t normal. This is worth repeating, so I repeat—they’re not normal! They’re symptoms that something’s up. But many of them are avoidable, and I want to tell you about the best way to find out what’s behind that awful mood and itchy skin.

I interviewed Tom Malterre, author, faculty member of the Autism Research Institute, and Advanced Functional Medicine practitioner, to understand food allergies, why overall human health is in decline and what we can do about it. His understanding of the situation is the most sensible and hopeful one I’ve heard.

In the podcast we talk frankly about our experience doing the elimination diet. The first time I did an elimination diet I couldn’t believe how incredible I felt. For the first time in years I felt the brain fog lift. (Golden rays of light and non-denominal angels singing. . .you betcha.)

I came away with more power, self-esteem, and being closer to my family than ever. Funny how ditching the cheddar can have such an effect.

I also understood for the very first time what my superpower foods are and what my kryptonite foods are. Knowledge is powerful. So is fear of change. But when I learned what it was like to feel like a human rather than a human-like lump, I had to figure it out.

In our conversation, Tom talks about the science behind why Grandma’s mac and cheese has such a tight hold on so many people. Inspired by his five (five!) children, he understands that being healthy is more than just about us.

Tom has a brand new book, The Elimination Diet, out March 31st, that’s stunning in its clarity, practical tips, and guidance to feel great again. (Warning: your couch might miss you!)

For the practitioners: This is important because the elimination diet is likely the most reliable way to test for food intolerances. More data from lab tests is always helpful, but the food allergy portions of these tests can conflict with each other. I also recommend partnering up with Tom Malterre and sending your clients/patients to go through his elimination diet program so they can work with an expert on getting to the bottom of their intolerances while still getting support from you!!!

Thanks for watching and sharing this podcast.

I want to know: Do you know what foods suck your energy and which ones shock you with how good you feel after eating them? Comment below!