Food in America is Poison

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

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I had a fascinating conversation this weekend. A friend of mine was living in Italy for 2 months this year. He was able to eat pizza, drink alcohol, eat pastries and sweets and not really even think about what he was eating each day. He was going to the bathroom like clockwork. He felt great, stayed slim, and everyone commented on how much younger he looked upon returning to the US. He said stress was lower and that was a factor, but that there is more to why he felt so great.

As soon as he got home his digestion got wonky. He wasn’t eating grains. He had to be strict Paleo and organic to get his digestion functioning well again. It took him 3 weeks to get it closer to what it was in Italy.

I asked him what he thought causes this.

He said hands down the food in the US is so polluted, poisonous, and contaminated. Glyphosate (Google it), pesticides, hormones, molds, chemicals, etc. We also talked about all the EMF’s that are polluting homes in the US.

While in Italy, they ate everything local. It was so local that they didn’t even use that word. Boar and rabbit that were freshly killed. Vegetables that were grown in the yard. There is no such thing as organic because nobody uses chemicals, pesticides, or GMO seeds. They wouldn’t even agree to use these chemicals.

His wish was that everyone in the US could visit Italy (and many other European countries for that matter) for just a few weeks they would realize how easy it is and how good it feels. They wouldn’t want to continue living the way they do at home and would be shocked when they returned to our broken food system.

Our country (the US) is filled with the crappiest healthiest food. Even the healthy, organic food is polluted. And we put up with it.

We allowed GMO’s to be fed to us without having to be labeled. We allow meat to be contaminated with hormones and antibiotics – even the organic ones.

We allow Monsanto to sue small farms when pollen from nearby farms drifts naturally through the wind and pollinates their crops crossing it with the GMO strains – they call it stealing.

You can’t even buy non-GMO corn anywhere in the US anymore because the pollen has contaminated all the organic original strains. Organic corn no longer exists.

We sterilize bacteria from the dirt we grow in which destroys the essential soil microbiome. Our foods are grown in stripped and depleted soil.

After the grain is sprayed with pesticides (that subsequently destroy the gut microbiome) it is stored in silos where fungi infiltrate the seeds. These microscopic fungi excrete toxins that irritate the human digestive system when eaten.

We allow the weight loss fads to sell us on the idea that whole, simple food isn’t enough.

We don’t realize that all those chemicals are actually disrupting our glands and causing weight gain.

In this country, we settle for lifeless food. We are getting sick from it. It’s time to change. Grow a garden. Learn how to nurture the soil and create good food that can nourish us and our families.

Our food system is broken and we are stuck in the mud. Changing it isn’t easy if we aren’t informed.

Know that buying organic is absolutely not enough. We must strive for vital food that gives us the energy and life force we deserve. Sickness is a choice.

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