BONUS Make Fermented Veggies at home!

Welcome to your bonus! So excited you are here to learn to make probiotic rich fermented foods at home with me Summer Bock.

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Sauerkraut Recipes

This is the second video in the Making Fermented Veggies video series to get you started today.

Part 2 Making Fermented Veggies A demonstration of me making sauerkraut with all my tips and tricks of the trade.

Check it out to learn:

  • What are the best ways to make sauerkraut fail-proof.
  • How to chop and tamp the cabbage to make the best kraut.
  • What kinds of salt to use for best results.

Part 2 – Making Fermented Veggies

…if you are interested in watching all three videos, click here.

Making Fermented Veggies Video Series

In this three part video series, I will teach you how to make delicious raw sauerkraut that is filled with probiotics.

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