Build Your Digestive Fire

Bitters are a botanical remedy specially formulated to build digestive fire & increase assimilation of nutrients. This healing concoction comes in a tiny bottle and is a mood enhancer, relaxing, centering, and improves digestion while reducing inflammation.

They make such a difference that I keep a bottle in my kitchen, car, and purse. But not all brands are created equal or have healing properties and many contain sugar.

I’ve specially formulated a batch of bitters to support your digestion. We have a new batch made with love by a Tennessee herbalist using the finest local ingredients. You’ll also get my Bitters Handbook. Get your bottle for $18.

This blend offers gentle digestive support and is perfect for winding down in the evening. It’s also a wonderfully delicious tonic for, specially formulated to calm emotional eating.

Put one in your kids’ lunch box, keep one in your cupboard and car, or give the gift of good digestion to those you love.


gentian, turmeric, licorice root, ginger, orange peel, grain alcohol (this product is gluten-free because once alcohol has been distilled it no longer contains gluten. Also, please note that the amount of alcohol per serving of bitters is equivalent or less than the alcohol present in ripe fruit.)

Purchase Liver Lover Warming Bitters

Experience better digestion with an herbal tincture formula that I developed for people who need a little extra liver support. Liver Lover Warming Bitters comes with it’s very own little eBook (in PDF form via email) explaining the benefits of taking bitters before meals and the physiological actions behind it!

Benefits of Liver Lover Warming Bitters:

  • Maximize your nutrient absorption over the long term
  • Create ritual around mealtime that helps you relax and connect with your body and the food
  • Support your liver to gently detox on a daily basis
  • Build your digestive fire so you can digest food without experiencing gas, burping, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea.
  • Relieves tummy-aches
  • Convenient 1 ounce spray bottle to take with you anywhere-no mess!

$18 per bottle (+ shipping)


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